Growing Disability Awareness and Support in Southeastern NC


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What is Exceptional Friends Network?

A network of families with special needs in Southeastern NC that support, empower, and educate one another.

Who are our members?

The special needs within our families include Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and various other rare developmental and medical diagnoses.  Anyone who feels they can benefit from our Network of Families is encouraged to join.

How do we support one another?

We meet monthly for Support and Resource meetings. Parent Meetings are designed around the needs and input of members.

We also have social events for the family: play groups, holiday gatherings, Mom’s night out, and special speaker meetings.

We keep families updated on community events and resources. We maintain a forum to address questions and engage in discussion between meetings.

Where & when do we meet?

We meet in various locations every 1-2 months.  Please see our twitter updates to the right of the page, or follow us on Facebook for our next planned events.

Visit us on Facebook: Exceptional Friends Network